Friday, February 22, 2008

My girlfriend doesn't actually hate baseball

but she does hate hearing me talk about it all day, night, and whatever lies between. Now that this little tidbit is cleared up (and I won't have to sleep on the couch tonight), a little about how I came to blog about baseball.

My love for baseball manifested itself late. Growing up, my parents didn't have much use for the sport; after making the last out during the Little League playoffs in second grade, I swore off the game. After all, standing around for minutes at a time at that age is damn near close to torture. So my attention wandered to other, more immediately gratifying sports like tennis and soccer.

After arriving in my college dorm during my freshman year of college, I heard a significant amount of swearing emerging from the room next to mine. Like a trained pig searching for truffles, I found myself drawn to the source of salty language. To my surprise, a small, disgruntled Asian guy was sitting on his floor, hurling imprecations at Mariano Rivera's heritage, parents' marital status at his birth, and views on incest. Introductions quickly followed and despite the fact that I came from New York, we quickly became friends. My interest in baseball was reignited and grew beyond mocking my friend's predicament as a Rangers fan.

This blog will focus on both real and fantasy baseball. The vast majority of my posts will focus on happenings and musings in the world of actual baseball; however, I openly invite guests to submit posts on real and fantasy baseball alike. I will try to incorporate statistical analysis into more traditional methods of evaluation since there are many ways to view the game. I invite guest posters to do the same.

Since my girlfriend is getting bored of me typing this post, I'll try to wrap it up. I am leaving comments open for now. Moderation is on but if everything goes well, I can turn it off. Many of the points that will be raised will create arguments, which is great! That's what is fun about talking about baseball. Just try to keep it civil and please, no trolling! Back up your opinions with facts and all will be well :)

Thanks for reading this far; this should be a great season!

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